How much does it cost?
  1. Service Rates: Residential & gutter - $120.00 (first hour) minimum
  2. Repair rates (roofing) - $240 minimum (2 roofers 1 hour)
  3. After 1st hour - $65.00 per man hour
  4. Emergency & off hour calls - $125.00 per hour (port to port charge per man)
  5. Commercial rates - $65.00 per man-hour (port to port / one way travel)
  6. All Materials are billed in addition to labor rates
  7. Payment is due when services are rendered
  8. We accept all major credit and debit cards
  9. Valid credit card is required to secure / confirm service call
  10. Payment may be made by cash, check, or money order within 10 days of service. If Payment is not received within 10 days, your credit card will be charged.
  11. Credit account terms - net due thirty (30) days from date of invoice (with approved credit)
  12. On the day of your service our crew will:
    • For Gutter cleaning - perform service & address any areas of concern
    • For Repairs - Visually inspect the area of concern.
    • Repair the area best as possible using standard stock material.
    • When completed, our technician will leave a ticket indicating material used, and amount of time they spent at your residence. Technicians are monitored & trucks equipped with GPS tracking to ensure accurate billing.
    • If client elects not to have repairs done; Yes, you still owe us for inspection & / or assessment & we will charge your credit card.
    • If emergency or temporary repairs are all that can be performed, written or verbal estimate for permanent repairs will be provided.
    • 1/3 deposit is required for all installation and quoted work; balance is due upon completion
    Exclusions / Safety and General
  13. Customer represents that all structures to receive service work are structurally sound, and are able to withstand the weight of workers and their tools. In the event that any structure does not meet these conditions, any damages caused as a result of unsound conditions are the sole responsibility of the customer and RCS shall not be responsible for said damages unless expressly communicated by the client prior to service.
  14. It is understood that if the primary intent of service work is to eliminate moisture intrusion into the building and If, after two attempts RCS has failed to locate the source of the leak, RCS will provide a written proposal for the replacement of either part, or all, of the gutter and/or roof in question at the request of Owner.
  15. Mold: Contractor is not responsible for indoor air quality including growth of mold or other organisms. Owner shall hold harmless and indemnify Contractor from all claims, including claims of tenants and occupants, arising from indoor air quality for any reason whatsoever.
  16. Due to the many unknowns encountered in service work, no warranties, expressed or implied, are offered, and RCS specifically does not provide any warranty for repair work unless directed by qualified roofing manufacturer. Work is deemed accepted, as is, upon completion. Further, RCS shall not be responsible for property damage of any kind caused either directly or indirectly by water intrusion to include mold and mildew.
  17. RCS will maintain at all times, Worker's Compensation, General Liability, and Automobile Liability Insurance.
  18. Certificate of Insurance can be provided upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Royal Gutter?
Yes we changed our name because we have expanded our services far beyond gutters to include roofing repairs and replacement, siding, trim work, pressure washing, underground drains and more!

I don't like giving my credit card information over the phone.
We do appreciate that. Most of our customers do provide their credit card information for convenience.

  • Our credit card policy provides protections for you.
  • Customer Credit Card information is securely stored in our accounting system protected by firewalls with limited access to select RCS personnel only.
  • All paper documentation with customer's credit card information is routinely shredded.
  • RCS employees are bonded and insured.

Can I schedule a time for the service when I am home?
Yes, but due to the seasonality & heavy volume of service calls during the fall season, please call early, or enroll in our preferred gutter cleaning program to reserve a time. We will always try our best to accommodate our client's schedule but be aware that unpredictable weather can delay service calls up to a month or more. We cannot clean a frozen gutter, nor will we risk our technician's safety.

Can I designate my service not to occur until after a certain date?
Yes. We will hold the job until the requested date and then put it in for scheduling at that time.

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