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Clogged gutters and downspouts can create tremendous damage to your home and foundation. In fact by time you notice any issues you could have thousands of dollars in damages! Clogged gutters can lead to:

  • Rotten fascia, soffit and rafter ends
  • Damaged windows, siding and trim
  • Damaged landscaping, driveways, and sidewalks
  • Basement flooding

So why choose RCS to clean your gutters? Anyone can scoop the leaves and debris out of your gutters right? It would seem that way but we have found that is not typically the case. The fact is that most of the time it is your downspouts which become clogged with debris, down inside the elbow sections where you cannot see it. If the debris are not removed then the gutter will not function. Most landscapers and other trades that may offer to clean your gutters do not look for clogged downspouts and if they do, they are usually not equipped with the tools necessary to clear them. We clean over 2,500 properties, residential and commercial each and every year so we know how to get the job done right!

** due to the unpredictable & seasonal nature / duration of our gutter cleanings we will always do our best to set appointment times. Our technicians will call you at least one hour in advance on your service date. Service call are generally within a two hour window - specific appointments and emergency calls are billed port to port including travel times.

** Because our work is on the outside of your property we do not require anyone to be home

** 24 hour notice for canceling or re-scheduling work is required and must be acknowledged by our staff - if you forget to cancel a call - yes, if we show up, you will be charged our $120.00 minimum!

We have two services for you to choose from

Standard Gutter Cleaning / Service Call

  • Our minimum charge is $120 which covers the first hour at your residence. If our work extends beyond one hour there is an additional charge for each quarter hour increment in the amount of $65.00 per man hour. Most cleanings can be done in an hour or less, but larger homes may take longer. Because our work is on the outside of your property we do not require anyone to be home.
  • Due to high volume of seasonal gutter cleanings and the unpredictable duration of each cleaning we will always do our best to accommodate appointments & your schedule. If a specific appointment is not required, We will let you know the week in which your service will occur and the technician will call you the morning of, at least one hour in advance. During the fall season, we work seven days a week.
  • On the day of the cleaning our crew will;
  • Clean and clear gutters and downspouts.
  • Bag and remove the debris.
  • When completed our technician will leave you a note indicating we have completed the work and amount of time they spent at your residence.
  • Within a week of your cleaning we will complete our invoicing and charge you for our services which we prefer to be done by credit card.


Preferred Gutter Cleaning Maintenance Program

Why enlist in our gutter cleaning maintenance program?

  • 10% off our standard Pricing
  • Six point evaluation of your gutters and roof
  • checkboxGutters
    checkboxRoof Shingles
    checkboxDrip Edge
    checkboxFascia Boards
  • Automated / Priority Scheduling
  • Automated Payment
  • Cleaning / Service performed by our experiences in-house gutter technicians

Know your cost

As a participant in the Preferred Gutter Cleaning Program your total charge for gutter cleaning will be discounted by 10%. For those that commit to multiple cleanings, we will hold the price invoiced for your first cleaning through the duration of the agreement (additional charges for repair work excluded)

Here is what you can expect from RCS:

** We do not schedule service times. Our technicians will call you at least one hour in advance on the day of your scheduled service **

  • We schedule our Preferred Gutter Cleaning Customers on a priority basis and we will call or email you with your scheduled cleaning date after we have received your acknowledged agreement. For those who choose multiple months, we schedule all preferred cleaning at the beginning of each month and will call you within the first week with your service date.
  • Occasionally bad weather may require rescheduling of our cleaning crews. If this happens we will notify you that we will have to reschedule our planned cleaning date and you will be notified of the new date once the new schedule has been set.
  • On the day of the cleaning our crew will:
    • Clean and clear gutters and downspouts
    • Bag and remove the debris
    • Perform a 6 point roof and gutter inspection
    • Perform minor repairs or gutter adjustments as noted in your agreement subject to availability of parts or pieces commonly stocked on our trucks (labor will be charged at the discounted rate and materials added to your invoice)
    • Leave a copy of your 6 point inspection report
    When our technician has completed your gutter cleaning:
    • Your work ticket will be processed and billed to your credit card
    • We will email you a copy of your invoice marked paid in full

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